I can help you achieve the changes you yearn to make, overcome obstacles and create a life of fulfillment, passion and success.
“Life Restart: Strategies for Renewal and Personal Transformation”

Transitions in life are inevitable, everyone faces them. Some are voluntary: you decide it is high time for you to make a change. Others are circumstantial: life throws you a curve ball.

Whatever the impetus, life transitions are challenging; they can make you feel confused, stressed, and stuck. They also give you the chance to grow and the opportunity to find a new path, better suited to who you are today.

When it becomes essential for you to break with parts of your past, your best strategy is this: don’t face it alone, partner with a professional coach.

Working with a coach that specializes in life transitions will accelerate your progress and make the most of this pivotal time in your life. After all, if you could do it yourself, you’d have done it already!

And that’s where I come in. To help you

Get Unstuck

One of the signs that you need to make a change in your life is when you feel stuck, confused and stressed. You have reached the end of one road, and the way ahead is unclear. You feel...well, STUCK! Some of the obstacles at the crossroads could be uncertainty, stagnation or fear. The good news is, there are tools and practices that will help you rectify this situation once and for all.

In my practice, we use these tools to help you develop a new awareness of the situation by looking at the past, the present and the future.

We work together to help you define what made you lose your sense of purpose, drive or motivation in the first place. Gaining this meaningful understanding of your past enables you to see a clearer picture of your life ahead.

We then address the present by re-evaluating your values, strengths, talents, and challenges as well as making an inventory of what in your life you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

Finally, we devise the action plan that will get you going. We start with the small changes you can make immediately. We follow with the Big Hairy Goals, and how you will make them happen. And pretty soon, you’re moving on, having found purpose and joy again.

And along to way you will have learned how to

Identify your new purpose
Hone in on the best path forward

Formulate concrete realizable goals
Develop your short and long term plans

Gain closure on your past
Regain control of your destiny

The Result?

You'll land on your feet feeling stronger and wiser.

Join the hundreds of women who have experienced a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life and have been able to:

Change career
Start a business
Find an ideal job
Grow a business
Write a book
Launch an online store
....And more

The new paths my clients took following our work together is endless. What they have in common is that they all created their best work.


Hello! I’m Marie-Christine. I help women overcome the obstacles that keep them from achieving their purpose. I use proven methodology such as positive psychology and applied neuroscience in tandem with my innate French common sense to guide my clients through the most challenging life transitions. All my clients get results and go on to start companies, write books, create brand new products, launch not-for-profit organizations, or simply increase their overall sense of joy and fulfillment. You can do what they have done by starting your journey today. Take these two quick steps:

1. Join me here for a free consultation where we will explore the best strategies for you.              

2. Get your copy of my book “Life Restart: Strategies for Renewal and Personal Transformation”.



"Marie-Christine helped me redefine my life-path by providing me with the tools necessary to re-assess my values, strengths, and weaknesses. The self-awareness and clarity I gained was unparalleled to any life-coaching or therapy I have ever taken part in. Within months, I had started on a brand new career that fitted my personality perfectly."

Constance Durham
Chief Custodian

"Working with Marie-Christine was an incredible and eye opening experience. She helped me traverse a particularly difficult period of my life, have closure and focus on the future. I was at a crossroads and looking to reinvent myself. Her unconventional, yet effective method helped me in this process and was instrumental in helping me land an important project."

Jodie Weber
Marketing Consultant

"After working with Marie-Christine I can truly say my life has completely changed. I have gone from being vaguely dissatisfied and uninspired to discovering what I really FELT passionate about. I re-invented my business, expanded it to another state and rekindled my old passion. I literally cannot imagine having NOT worked with her."

Wanda Innes
Health and Beauty Consultant


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