Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach



I'm Marie-Christine, I can help you recover from the destructive impact of emotional abuse and have joy and purpose in your life again.


From Trauma To Clarity

Life has given us an extraordinary capacity to recover from the most crippling traumas. A relationship with a narcissist is highly traumatic,  as it hollows you out and leaves you adrift. As your coach I will gently guide you to find the clarity you need to regain your footing and begin to heal.

You are the light

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is your light. Your narcissistic abuser has been systematically stamping it out. On your journey to recovery,  you will find it

Master your Transition

Life changes often happen in two ways. Either the change is caused by some unforeseen event or you finally said to yourself: “Enough! This has got to change!” A well-managed transition is about redefining yourself. It begins when you feel the irresistible need for renewal, and understand that the right tools and GUIDANCE will increase your confidence, and even accelerate the progress.

Cherish your new Life

In your transformed life, you no longer settle for less. You now feel a deeper sense of inner security, born of transcending the challenges you had faced. It was not easy, yet the lessons you learned have made you stronger and wiser. Now you are on the purposeful path you defined during your transition. You are able to stay focused on your goals and to CELEBRATE your accomplishments.